Step-by-Step Guide to Bloggers OutReach

Step-by-Step Guide to Bloggers OutReach

Step-by-Step Guide to Bloggers OutReach

What is Bloggers OutReach?

Bloggers Outreach is the process when a business/ brand work with bloggers to create genuine, authentic content to promote a product, brand or service. This process is also known as blogger relations.

Importance of bloggers outreach for your business

Blogger outreach gets your brand in front of multiple audiences on authoritative sites with engaged, trusting readerships. Leveraging that trust can help you grow your brand and business exponentially in a much shorter amount of time than it would take if you tried to do it with just your own content marketing efforts. Couple that with the SEO and content marketing campaigns you’re likely running already and you’ll be able to see surprising results, even if you have a small budget to work with.

Steps for an Effective Bloggers Outreach Campaign

Find Bloggers

The first step of an effective bloggers outreach campaign is finding the right blogger. Search through the internet to find bloggers that suit your niche. Keep in mind that the selected bloggers should have a substantial large number of followings and the followers should resonate with your target audience. Here are a few examples of queries you may use to find more contacts:

  • “Editorial guidelines”
  • “Guest post”
  • “Become a contributor”
  • “Advertising”
  • “Become an author”
  • “Guest bloggers”

Connecting with Bloggers

      The following strategies could be used for effective Bloggers outreach.

  • Newsletter – Newsletters are great to save a lot of time and reach more bloggers automatically. Such tools allow emailing a big list of bloggers together in one click. Try to personalize it as much as possible. In case a blogger comes to know that its not a personal message, you probably will never be able to make this again.
  • Personal email – This method is worth doing, especially with influencers. Analyze the blog you want to reach out first and then write something specific in the email. You can mention a certain article or even cite it somewhere within the email body. Write like a real person, be personal, be simple and polite.
  • Social media platforms – You can start a conversation on Linkedin with the offer only if your emails have gone unanswered. Even though LinkedIn is a business social networking platform, it’s not for the business issues, it’s for connections! This opportunity can be utilized to invite all bloggers you know to be friends on Linkedin. At the same time, you shouldn’t sound like a salesman when writing to them. Get to know them better first, share your experience, find common ground and only after that try to talk about benefits you can bring to each other.

Facebook is the last resort as it’s a social network for personal communication with friends and family. Don’t bother people on there without a good enough reason.

Respond, Track, Create Content, Repeat!

After sending out your e-mail pitches, your job is certainly not done. Infact, it’s only just begun. Outreach is a numbers game, and for it to work you need to focus on sending out a large volume of e-mails. As the replies start coming in, keeping track of everything can get overwhelming, so set up a strategy to ensure that you follow up with influencers and meet blog deadlines.

Share on Social!

Finally, when you’ve gone through the process of sharing your content with influencers and getting it published, don’t forget to share and promote on social media. If you can, set aside a budget to amplify it on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone’s goal is to increase visibility, and if you set aside a budget to promote the content shared on their site about your brand, the bloggers and influencers that you work with will be thrilled at the visibility that working with you has gained them.


Outreach is incredibly important to your blog marketing efforts. Building a list of influencers and people that share content is essential to outreach.Once you know the type of content that people share, you can create the same type of content, but content that is exponentially better. This will impress those people and they’ll likely share it.

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