What is the difference between a Blog and Press Release

What is the difference between a Blog and Press Release

Certain basic differences separate a site from a press release as far as the structure is concerned. Whilst a site can be written in a casual tone as debate can be kicked off; but a media release provides relevant info which comes in the kind of a formal announcement; that’s usually issued to media houses. This question was asked very frequently to mention out important differences in between a media release and a blog article. We have to move forward to get some pertinent info regarding the distribution of several variances and differentiations that exist between the two big pillars and strong tools for internet search engine optimization.

Let’s just shed some light on some facts and start with the basics. This may also foster business possibilities.



A conversational tone is followed while writing a blog. It might seem that it’s just another of those individuals speaking to one another and it’s that simple as far as tonality is concerned. Feedbacks are also welcomed through web blogging; that allows each reader to give their opinion via posting remarks as well as asking some questions. This, in turn, helps in creating a conversation that’s very much indispensable. A strong bond has been built around the organization and the relationship with the readers jumps ahead.


Client support may also be demonstrated via web blogging and this may be considered as among the most superb means of communication. Following a comment or question was abandoned by a reader, one may utilize various tactics to respond. The comment can be answered with empathy or within an educational form that may be of an academic approach paving the way for good customer service. This also shows that working online is handled proactively. An organization, by a blog, gets a human encounter; which makes blogs a lot more wonderful than friends and virtual reality bonds are created and built.


The size of the site has to be crisp which is not too long nor very short. However in certain cases; blogs may be short and might include things like videos and drawings making more choices for much better content.


Fun and frolic can be part of web blogging without any real hindrance linked to its own structure and tonality.

Press Release

As far as news release are concerned, a specific and regular format is followed as well as the tone is particularly appropriate. The journalistic requirements are addressed as they’re continuously on the lookout of a story where they can talk about the potential and current customers. While writing a media release, intriguing info is provided as a basis aim lies in teaching the readers.


A hype can be created via a media Communicate on an upcoming event or general news. It might also be about the launching of a brand new product or a service.

Length and structure

A specific format is followed in a press release while writing. It includes the summary of concerned organization; which is called the boilerplate, along with title and subhead and also the body and a quote to go with it.

Channels of communication

One can post a press release on the website. It can also be sent to event calendars along with news sites that are online and local. There are certain free sites which are far and few while some are very costly which is in stark contrast to free blogs.


The visibility can be increased through press release and blogs. Both are very powerful tools as far as the optimization of search engines are concerned. Fresh news can be created most immaculately by properly using them and foster success in the marketing initiative. We have come to a definitive conclusion that you must keep on writing while choosing either a press release or a blog.

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